Here at SPICED Academy, we give our students the skills, knowledge and mindset to become high-performing full stack software engineers.

We also provide our students with a comprehensive career development program throughout our 12-week full stack program. Over the next few weeks, to give you a glimpse into our career program, we will share some of our favorite career development tips with you!

Why All the Fuss About a Career Plan?

Many of us know that person who dropped out of college, didn’t have a LinkedIn profile and was really successful at achieving whatever they set out to do in life. But that’s not the majority. For most of us, discovering and sustaining our ideal career is a time-consuming, laborious process and often, a lifelong one.

That’s Where We Come In!

Using real-world experience, a ton of research and over plenty of cups of tea, we have come up with a simple and powerful framework for a career plan. Also, obvious but worth mentioning: this framework will not work for everyone. It depends on what you’re looking to do, your current state in life and your willingness. That last bit is the most important part.

For This Framework To Be Useful

You’ll want to have an open mind. You may have already tried several career frameworks without much luck at achieving your career goals. On the flipside, you may already have a career plan that works for you. Regardless of your current state, we ask that you approach this with an open mind and really try out our advice! Not all of it will feel relevant, but even if some of it sticks, it’s worth it.

What You Can Expect

Our career plan is progressive, wherein each idea builds upon the previous one, so that by the end, if you have followed through, you have a holistic career plan. We start with the core of a career plan, self awareness. We’ll give you questions that help you discover your values, interests and skills. Then, you’ll write your career story, an effective method to answer those cheeky interview questions such as “Why should we hire you?” or “Tell us about yourself”. We’ll demystify (or at least try our best!) the tech world for you: the different roles, pros and cons of being a freelancer and how to decide if a startup is right for you. We then end it with a checklist to write a great CV!

Stay tuned for the first blog post in our Career Plan series, focused on self awareness!

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