Giovanni graduated from Spiced in July, 2017, and upon graduation moved to Hamburg to take a job as a Full Stack Web Developer. In 2020, he decided to move his family back to Berlin, where he continues his career. Here he tells us all about his journey, and why he decided to learn to code in the first place.

Tell us a little about yourself growing up

I grew up in Italy in the late 80s in a town called Tieste. I was a curious kid, always wanting to know how things worked. I used to ask my dad about the washing machine, engines… whatever was lying about that I could tinker with.

Why did you want to change. your career?

When I met my wife we spent the first 5 years of our relationship having to travel between two countries to see each other. It was exhausting. At some point I realised that in order to make our relationship work I would need to compromise on certain things that I expected from life, and that turned out to be my career.

So I moved closer to my wife in Croatia and settled for a job at a real estate company that I knew didn’t suit me. I learnt a lot, but as time passed it became clear to me that this wasn’t a long-term solution – it wasn’t at all what I wanted to do, and I started to get a little frustrated. The feeling grew and grew, and reached its peak when I found out I was going to be a father.

I didn’t want to come home grumpy every day from work and have that affect my son. I wanted not just to provide for him, but to be a positive force when I came home, and so it was time for some serious soul searching.

Why did you choose Spiced?

I stumbled upon the concept of coding bootcamps in an article I read. I thought I wouldn’t have the time to get into coding, so to be able to learn in 3 months was ideal. I looked for some in Italy but there was nothing, and so I searched the rest of Europe and came across Spiced, as well as a few more established bootcamps.

Of course it was tempting to go for a big name, since you have the confidence of knowing that hundreds of people have already passed through their doors. But many of the bootcamps were teaching Ruby on Rails, and I felt they weren’t future proof. Companies were interested in that for now, but how long would that last?

Spiced offered JavaScript and I felt like that would give me a foundation for life. On top of that, Spiced also offers some of the most up-to-date technologies, such as React and Redux, which is exactly what the job market is requires you to know.

Of course, for the final part of my journey I would have to leave my family behind (again). It was tough of course, but I guess it was even tougher for them. In a way I just had a single commitment: give 100 percent to Spiced. I could focus on that because I knew in the long run it would be the best thing for the family. But it was hard for my son. We would speak every day, and he would always be asking about his “tata” (which is Croatian for dad).

What are you doing now?

Shortly after a challenging 3 months at Spiced I started a job as a Full-Stack Web Developer. It felt great to be employed and back with my family again. After a couple of years outside of Berlin., however, we started to miss the city and decided to move back. So now I’m here again! It’s great to be employed in a career I find fulfilling and, at last, be back with my family in a city we love.