Meet Magali 👋. She worked in Corporate Sustainability for 7 years, but missed some creative stimulation in her working life. Like 900+ other Spicedlings, she decided to take the leap into Web Development with our Coding Bootcamp in Berlin. We spoke to Magali about her time with Spiced, and what the future holds for her now she’s graduated.

Hi Magali! Thanks for talking to us 🙂 Tell us a little about your educational and professional background?

In Brazil, I studied Environmental Engineering and worked for seven years within Corporate Sustainability, particularly with Environmental Management Systems, Greenhouse Gas Inventories, and Carbon Footprint.


You took the course in Berlin, tell us a little about living there, and what brought you to the city?

Since my first visit to Berlin, I felt inspired by the vibrant, international and dynamic vibe of this city and ever since, wanted to live here. I believe Berlin is a perfect place for creative minds who seek to connect and challenge themselves.


Take us back to that day you made the decision to take a Web Development course – what was driving you? And why Web Development?

Although I enjoyed working with sustainability, after several years of working in the same company and the same field, I missed the feeling of being intellectually and creatively stimulated. Since I have always liked technology, I decided it was time to try something that could always make me want to continue learning. Before going to web development, I tried Android Development and Data Science. However, I love how, in WebDev, I can combine my analytical skills and creativity to identify and develop solutions to a given problem.


Before deciding to move into Web Development, what did you imagine being a ‘coder’ would be like? How is it different?

It is more cooperative than I imagined. It is essential to read other programmers’ code and to talk to them. This way it is possible to learn different ways to do things because coding is not always straightforward.


Why did you choose to study at Spiced? What made the course stand out?

The curriculum stood out for me, and the fact that the course lasts 12 weeks underlined my impression of a well-allocated structure and reasonable time frame. Also, the admission interview was enjoyable and made me feel welcome.


You were part of a cohort that was affected by the coronavirus restrictions. Tell us a bit about how that was?

Although I did not personally get to meet my cohort and teachers, the online courses were a good alternative. Also from a practical point of view, it was nice to have more time to study or only relax instead of taking long metro rides to the academy.


Do you have any advice for potential students that might also be forced to study from home?

What helped me a lot was to take a walk during lunch or after class to free my mind. I tried to enjoy every free time that I had. Also, it is easy to forget to take care of yourself while finishing an exercise or being confronted with a problem. So, I always kept something to eat and drink on the table to re-energize.


What was the most challenging aspect of the course?

The beginning of the course was definitely challenging. There was so much new information, and at that moment I didn’t have the feeling that it was possible to assimilate it all. But at a certain moment, it started to click and I began to find my own rhythm and way of doing things.


What was your favourite aspect of the course?

Even though I have always gotten nervous during the projects’ presentations, they were also a lot of fun. Everybody was very supportive, and it was inspiring to see my classmates’ solutions and their different approaches to the same project.


What were your instructors like?

They were great and very supportive. The teachers were able to deliver funny and interesting classes for even complex topics. They made the educational journey easy.


Do you have any insights for anyone thinking to study Web Development?

Be kind and patient with yourself. Do not let the material overwhelm you. Eventually, you will get there and see your first results.


Now you’ve finished at Spiced, what are your plans?

I am looking for a job as a Frontend Developer in Berlin to expand my skills and gain more practical experience. Simultaneously, I am always doing some courses or workshops to find out about different WoW and latest trends.


If you could sum up your experience with Spiced in 3 words, what would they be?

Inspiring, fun and progress.


Thanks again for your time! Any last comments?

Thank you Spiced Academy for this great experience and I hope to meet you all in person someday.