Meet Nenad, who took our 12-week, intensive Data Science Bootcamp in Cologne. He works in the Financial Services industry in Dusseldorf, but took a break to attend Spiced. Here he tells us all about why he chose Data Science, and what he’s planning on doing with his new skills.


Hi Nenad! Thanks for talking to us 🙂 Can you tell us a little about your educational and professional background?

I have a double master’s degree in mechanical engineering and industrial engineering. After graduating, I started working for a management consultancy where I am leading digital and transformation projects within the Financial Services industry.


You took the course in Cologne, and work in Dusseldorf. Tell us a little about the region, and how exciting it is for professionals?

The region offers a lot as it has a wide choice of leisure and cultural activities, many events take place and the spots are well connected. But the most important part are the people. Friendships last forever!


Take us back to that day you decided you wanted to study Data Science – what was driving you?

I considered Data Science the next and most important added value for me in order to uncover hidden solutions to take on business challenges and goals.

We live in a digital world, everything is data-driven. Data is the driving force behind every industry, with industries becoming more interconnected and creating a data ecosystem. So having the ability to create value with data is an essential skill.


Why did you choose to study at Spiced? What made the course stand out?

After I had created a short list of the best ranked Data Science Bootcamps, the next step was to get a personal impression. What convinced me to study at Spiced Academy was, among other things, the high quality standards, the up-to-date course content and the professional appearance. It felt right from the start.


You took a break from work to study Data Science. What are you planning to do with the new skills you’ve picked up?

I will contribute with my knowledge to our center of excellence “Advanced Data Analytics & Risk” at work. There is a huge potential to take advantages of data science technology in the finance industry, e.g. by reducing operational costs due to automation, increasing revenue with next best product offerings or mitigating fraud risks. Beside that, I found a hobby in Data Science that allows me to discover a lot of existing things.


What was the most challenging aspect of the course?

Data Science is not a standalone field. It comprises several subfields as Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Domain/Business Knowledge. Therefore you need to master a steep learning curve. Even if new topics and tasks come your way every day, you have to keep an eye on your weekly project goal.


What was your favourite aspect of the course?

I really liked the project-based approach and the fact that you solve real-world problems. It feels like working in a start-up and creating new solutions every week.


Do you have any insights for anyone thinking to take a break from their job to study Data Science?

If you are a professional, then you should talk to your company about your thoughts. I’m sure that this will open up many opportunities.


Do you have any words of advice for our upcoming graduates about the Data Science course or the Bootcamp experience more generally?

Form a team with the other graduates. Exchange ideas, discuss and question each other’s project approaches, because there is no better way to learn.


Thanks again for your time! Any last comments?

Many thanks to our data science teachers Malte and Sam. They created a perfect atmosphere and provided us with inspiration and guidance.


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