Web Developer at Zaplox:

Olof, from Sweden, graduated from SPICED in summer 2017. Since then he moved back to Sweden and landed a job as a Front End Web Developer with Zaplox.

What led you to SPICED?

I had studied product design and wanted to go from making physical products to software. I did a bit of studying on my own through codecademy and such but had a hard time keeping up my own pace and knowing what to do next. I started looking at developer boot camps and SPICED caught my attention, I was a bit cautious as I didn’t believe that three months was enough time to fully learn what was promised but decided to reach out and book a meeting with Shilpa. She was happy to meet me and answer any and all questions I had, I got to meet with the teachers and even sit in on one of the lectures.

I made the decision to do the course and since the first day I haven’t looked back.

What did you like about your SPICED experience?

David and Matt, the two teachers, are willing to help at all times. The curriculum feels tailored for the job and is constantly updated to match the fast changing job market. The career workshops helps prepare you for getting a job when you graduate and most importantly, SPICED feels like a little family, you spend 8-10 hours a day in school so having a good atmosphere and work environment is very important.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

If you feel willing and ready to really dive in to coding then this course is for you. With that said, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who wants to take a lot of days off or keep a job on the side, the course really is full-time!

What are you doing now you’ve finished SPICED?

Now I’m working as a Front End Web Developer back in Sweden!


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