Web Developer at Vanolia:

Rafa was working as an architect in Spain before he decided to move to Berlin to pursue a career in web development.

What led you to SPICED?

As an architect, I was fascinated with the incursion of the digital reality in our physical world. To make my ideas come to life, I needed a deeper knowledge of programming and the Internet. SPICED provided me with the tools I needed to take those projects from my mind and into the real world.

What are you doing after graduating from SPICED?

I recently joined Pivii Technologies, a Berlin-based startup that makes images measurable. We use image recognition and machine learning to help brands to reach their audience on social media with great and relevant visual content.

(EDIT: Rafa is now at Vanolia.)

What was your biggest challenge during the bootcamp and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge for me was the change of mindset: going from planning every detail before doing something to… just doing it! Some particular projects -such as the kitty carousel- were very challenging, but the team was always very helpful and very friendly, and I never had to go back home with a question unanswered.

What did you like about your SPICED experience?

I liked everything from my experience in SPICED, from the beautiful offices to the great people I met there. I think one of the best things at SPICED is that you learn very useful skills, while really understanding how the Internet and algorithms work, so now I’m not only capable of developing my own projects, but I can keep learning more and more about tech.

Anything else you’d like to share?

If you’re feeling at a crossroads, if you want to change your life and don’t know where to start, and if you have many ideas but don’t find a way to make them real, ask yourself if coding might help you. If the answer is yes, SPICED is probably the best first step.


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