CEO at CMCC Global:

Thilo has had a long-standing interest in technology. After trying to start a company, he felt he needed more technical knowledge to really succeed – enter SPICED.

What led you to SPICED?

I wanted to learn how to code because I think it is important in these days to understand technology well, since technology is going to affect all of us. By technology I mean mainly software. Also I tried to start a company in the blockchain field and noticed how my lack of knowledge became a real problem there. I think these days many people start out with good business ideas, bad poor knowledge about the technologies they intent to use, that in many cases is a recipe for failure. I chose SPICED mainly because it focuses only on JavaScript. I didn’t really trust the promise of other camps like GA to teach you Ruby and JS and all this other stuff in such a short time frame. I rather wanted to learn one language well than a bit of everything.

What have you been up to after graduating from SPICED?

I started working on AI things, like Chatbots and that kind of things. Participated together with a friend in this hackathon from the Dubai Government on Blockchains. Also started learning additional stuff like SASS and started a bit of python. Want to learn more about AI to start building stuff with IBM Watson.

What was your biggest challenge during the bootcamp and how did you overcome it?

Keeping back-end and front-end separated and not mixing up all the stuff we just learned. I guess just trial and error helped me. I think a lot of people had problems with really wanting to understand what they are doing there, I noticed at some point that by just trying out instead of trying to understand them things eventually became clear, that helped me a lot.

What did you like about your SPICED experience?

How quickly we made progress. Before coming to SPICED I thought coding is rocket science, but being able to do the kitty carousel after only a few days gave me a lot of confidence and I slowly started to notice coding isn’t actually that hard.


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