Web Developer at Ebay:

Two years ago Obay graduated in Civil Engineering in his home country of Syria.

In search of more opportunities and a brighter future, he started to look abroad for ways to develop professionally. He’d always had an interest in moving to Thailand, and so he first moved to Bangkok to look for work, initially working as an assistant production manager. Owing to visa complications, and in search of a better future, in October 2015 Obay moved to Germany.

Assessing his options, Obay started to look to coding as an addition to his education. He had always dreamed of being a developer in one of the world’s bigger construction sites, and he saw a coding as a necessary step towards exploring some of the ideas he had: “It annoyed me how many software ideas popped up in my head during college that I couldn’t pursue simply because I did not know how to use those tools,” he says.



Obay Coding School

Obay at work in our kitchen area


Having made the decision to learn to code, Obay decided the best way to get the quality of education in the shortest amount of time was to join a coding bootcamp. Having made the decision, friends and family frequently asked Obay why he wanted to switch careers and go into programming. For Obay, however, this wasn’t a career change. Learning code is, as he puts it, “as essential as reading and writing”, and the “must-know tools of the 21st Century.”

Obay selected a bootcamp in Berlin, but his decision seemed in trouble when the coding bootcamp he applied for suspended their courses. He subsequently decided to concentrate on bootcamps in the US, eventually settling upon a bootcamp in San Francisco. He nailed the exam, but found he “could not participate for financial reasons”. He was back to square one again.

Step forward SPICED. We got in touch with Obay via email and, we’re pleased to say, Obay was impressed with our program. He joined our very first cohort in July to take part in our Full-Stack Web Development program.

“I found myself in a cohort of six amazing students from all over the world, with different backgrounds and experiences,” he says. “The staff are amazingly supportive.”



spiced academy code in berlin

Obay working late


As well as thriving on the course, Obay is enjoying life in Berlin, exploring the city’s stunning lakes and unwinding at the gym. He’s optimistic about his future in the city, and is confident he will be able to find work after SPICED. “I think I can find work as a developer in Berlin. The startup scene is very promising.”

For us at SPICED, Obay’s inspirational story goes to show that with enough determination and grit, you can achieve whatever you set out to do, whatever obstacles seem to stand in your way.

To find out about Obay’s journey in more detail, you can follow his blog.


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