Web Developer at Digiteq Automotiv:

Viktor trained as a professional chef but, after years in the business, realized it wasn’t for him. Having decided he wanted to change career paths, he started seeking out a role in which he could work independently and at home. He tried out several different careers, including being a freelance courier, a translator, an online trader and more. They didn’t work out.

“None of them”, he told SPICED, “gave me the delicate mix of being free to do things your way, or doing something with visible results.”

One change in career path that did give him both those rewards, as well as fed into his fascination with technology and gaming, was being a developer. So he decided to learn to code.

Viktor started out making websites for family members, with the ultimate goal of getting into creating games. He soon found the volume of information he needed to learn unmanageable, however, and sought alternative methods to learn to code.

Viktor Spiced coding academy student


“I found out that it would take me way too long to ever learn all there is to know,” he says. “Partly because I didn’t even know what to learn about.” That, he tells us, is why he applied to SPICED Academy. “I wanted to find out from someone on the inside where I should begin, and then have them help direct me on my way towards my ultimate goal…

Making the best game ever.”

Viktor is ambitious, to say the least. Which is good, since he has found SPICED Academy’s coding bootcamp as intense as it is satisfying: “There’s a lot of things you need to get on top of fast,” he begins. “And if you do, it feels very rewarding once you get whatever you’re working on running. You constantly fluctuate between thinking you’re some kind of coding genius and thinking ‘I have no idea what I’m doing’.”

From speaking to him, it’s clear that in the 12 weeks Viktor has spent as SPICED, he has learnt a huge amount. So what does he hope to do with all this new knowledge in the more immediate future (before creating the next GTA, that is)?

“I would like to stretch my internet legs at a Junior position first and then dive headfirst into game developing. Mainly browser games, followed by maybe mobile and then, as I learn other languages, create some indie stuff on PC.”

Viktor working learn to code

For now, having completed the 12 week learning portion of his SPICED experience, Viktor is heading into the SPICED Incubator, where he’ll spend 6 weeks under the supervision of SPICED teachers developing an ecommerce website as his personal project.

So, how does he feel to be entering the final phase of his SPICED experience?

“You can never really stop learning when it comes to this stuff,” he says. No doubt every other coder on the planet would agree.


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