Coding bootcamps in Europe are becoming increasingly popular, giving students more choice than ever when deciding which coding bootcamp to attend. The increase bootcamps is in part due to the increasing demand for tech talent in the European market; in Germany, for example, there is a shortage of developers around the country, with 40,000 new jobs expected to be created in the next few years.

Every coding bootcamp is different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all program. That’s why it’s important to know the details of the coding bootcamps you’re considering, what sets them apart, and how they do or don’t meet your needs. What language do you want to focus on? How much time can you commit? What career path are you looking for? Where can I live for the period of the bootcamp? These questions – and more – will hugely influence your decision.

Below, we’ve collected together some reviews and interviews from graduates that tell the story of SPICED, and what made us the right coding bootcamp for them.

Graduation Learning to code

Challenging and Up-to-Date, With a Focus on Getting You Hired!

We pride ourselves on having an up-to-date curriculum that offers students the best chance of getting employed. That’s why our curriculum focuses primarily on JavaScript as opposed to, say, Ruby on Rails: JavaScript is the language of the web, and is used by more companies than any other language. It’s also the reason we updated from Angular.js to React: it’s in demand, and employers are looking for it. Karen, from the US, was grateful for the focus on JavaScript: “Probably the best thing about SPICED is its JavaScript-focused curriculum. It’s the most popular tech stack amongst startups, yet not bootcamps (for some reason).”

We don’t just want to give students a “taster” of learning to code, either. Our course is rigorous in order to give students the best value and to give them an in-depth understanding of what they learn. Miranda, from the UK, agrees that it’s tough: “I was drawn to SPICED because of their JavaScript-focused curriculum,” explains Miranda. “The course was brutally hard at times but ultimately the experience was rewarding beyond anything I’d imagined.”

Olof, from Sweden, had a similar experience: “The curriculum feels tailored for the job,” he says. “It’s constantly updated to match the fast changing job market.” But it’s no walk in the park, he warns: “the course really is full-time!”

Experienced Teachers

It took us a while to find our teachers because we knew that the success of our program would depend on them. We’re thrilled that our students rate them so highly!  “David and Matt were approachable, friendly and extremely supportive. I was impressed with their knowledge and I like their different approaches to problem-solving and teaching. I learnt a lot from both,” said Alex from New Zealand.

Pearla, from France, was also happy with the teaching: “David and Matt are incredible teachers and form a great team. They were always there for us if we needed them, whether it was for a quick question, or to save us after a couple of frustrating hours facing a bug we were initially determined to solve ourselves.”

A Supportive, International Community

Teaching is about much more than just the exchange of knowledge. A good teaching environment also offers guidance, support and encouragement. That’s where the whole of the SPICED team – including the students – come in. With our regular get-togethers and approachable staff members, we try to foster a creative, inclusive community atmosphere that can help provide support when things are getting tough (and support when things are getting fun, too!).

“I met amazing people, teachers, other students, that I consider now as friends and I will keep tons of good remember of my experience there,” says Mathieu, from France. Ingrid, from Canada, had a similar experience: “Not only does SPICED teach you how to code but you also form friendships with the people in your cohort as well as other cohorts. You all become part of a big family that is helping each other out.”


If you’re interested in learning to code at a coding bootcamp in Europe and want to learn more about SPICED Academy, get in touch with us!


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